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A Podcast Just For Financial Planners!


Whether you’re new to financial planning or a professional with decades of experience, the changing nature of the world we live in ensures there’s always more knowledge to gather. One of the best perks of being a Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) member is access to lifelong learning throughout every stage of the profession.


Each week, FPA offers a brand-new edition of the , hosted by FPA member Hannah Moore, CFP®, and featuring influential guests offering inspirational stories, valuable insights and expert commentary on a wide range of different financial planning topics.


While the podcast aims to help new financial planners gain a foothold in the profession, the content and topics covered are often relevant to planners at every career stage. “Being the best financial planner you can be” is a message we can all get behind.


The podcast is also a great way to keep up with information on FPA news and upcoming events, as Hannah and her guests let you know what’s on tap.